Monday, October 10, 2011

Conference Highlights - President Monson's Talk

I love President Monson, I love to hear him talk!  He touches base on a variety of topics in this talk, The Ten Commandments, Prayer, Personal Revelation,

The story he tells of how he gained a testimony of prayer reminds me of a similar situation I remember as a child.  The Lord hears prayers, I gained a testimony of this as well, I was probably 8 years old, and though many would think this is a silly child's story, I know that the even a simply insignificant prayer (by others standards) is meaningful to our Father in Heaven, who loves us.  My younger brother and I had gone on a beach trip with my grandparents, we drove to the shore, and after stopping at numerous hotels with no vacancies, we stopped to eat dinner.  My Grandfather told us that we would be headed home, I begged him to try one more hotel, and as I silently said a prayer over my food, I prayed that the next hotel would have a vacancy.  We stopped at the next hotel and it had an available room!  I will never forget this story as long as I live, and the testimony it gave me of how Our Father in Heaven loves us and answers our prayers!  I know that our prayers may not always be answered the way we WANT them to, but non-the-less they are answered, when we pray in faith.

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