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Poppins Book Nook: In the Kitchen with Giveaway!

Poppins Book Nook
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cherry pie

Based on:

This is a really fun book that talks about the seasons of a Cherry Tree and ends with a Cherry Pie recipe!  The illustrations are beautiful!  My kids love this book and they love to make Cherry Pie too! 

Here is a short clip for tips on pitting cherries.  We use the paper clip method!

A cherry unit isn’t complete without this classic game!

Here are some links to Cherry activities:

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Cherry Themed Art Projects, Playdough and more

Cherry Coloring Page

Cherry In and Out Worksheet

Count ‘Em Up:  Cherry Addition Worksheet

Cherry Handwriting Page


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Week 14 in Review


So I spent the weekend away with my mom on a scrapbooking retreat.  Saturday night the hubby called bc baby girl caught what the others have had..(cough, snotty nose).  He handled it well on his own though, and I returned home Sunday night.  So thankful to have him.

Saturday the two oldest returned to their history classes at the Historical Society in Westminster, MD.  There was another article done on them in the local paper, you can see the back of their heads.  They enjoyed soccer, but missed the history classes for sure.  They were excited to go back! 


Sunday I got home in the evening.  Z started coming down with the cold…no one went to church since the youngest two were sick anyhow. 

Monday C woke up coughing…the last one joins the club!  We stayed home….no one really felt good.  We had computer schooling and watched some educational shows too. I made tomato soup for lunch and chicken noodle with dumplings for dinner, it was that kind of day! They missed Martial Arts and art class Sad smile

Tuesday everyone was a bit better.  Since c had missed gymnastics two weeks in a row already, so we ventured out.  Then we went to the Dollar Tree to buy some supplies for an ornaments post I have coming up for another blog.  It was so darn cold out, like 27degrees, 9 with wind chill!  Brrr!  Had our make up field trip scheduled and had to cancel!  Boo! 


Wednesday we all stayed home again.  c is the only one that is really feeling better (and getting stir crazy I might add!).  I did take him to speech, but the other boys missed Martial Arts.  I’m hoping they can make up at least one missed class tomorrow night…I figure the other kids wouldn’t want them coughing in their faces :/    We finished up ornaments, did some computer schooling and my oldest used Times Tales for the first time…LOVE IT!! One time and he has already had VAST improvement!  Then we used our Hoopla App to watch a two episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy (which they didn’t seem to impressed with, bummer!).  Though after borrowing 4 episodes I discovered 4 borrows is the monthly limit!  That stinks!  Must just be for movies though, b/c I have borrowed a few audio books this month already…or maybe you can’t have more than 4 at a time?  IDK, still figuring the app out.  You should check your local library to see if they partner with Hoopla, it’s a great resource!

Anyhow, my voice is mostly back, but I’ve had a killer headache since I got up.  Baby girl is super fussy and clingy…so it was a pajama day for all (until we had to take c to speech in the early evening).

Thursday we missed co-op because of the sickies!  The kids were bummed! But baby girl was up and down A LOT, I was beat and C had the major sniffles in the AM.  Everyone is getting stir crazy here!  I typically hit Costco on co-op days, and well I have to say groceries are running low…and we have company on Sunday…May have to shop on Saturday :YIKES:  We made huge strides in math though…I purchased Times Tales DVD and we used it Wednesday and today.  He already has the times tables from part one memorized….and this is after days of pulling my hair out before!  If you have a VISUAL learner, I highly recommend it!  When I saw it came as a DVD I knew it would be a good fit, this boy learned to read watching Super Why! 

Friday I think next year for winter session…we are just going to skip it…2 weeks of swimming missed because of vacation and then c missed a week from being sick…now the other 2 are sick :/  There are only 5 weeks of class…doesn’t take a mathematician to do that problem.   We tried lessons out, but left early when my older one wasn’t feeling well.  O well!  We tried.  Hopefully this weekend will be a turn for the better!

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