Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Earth Science (Early Ele): Seasons and The Water Cycle

See Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter posts.  I spent a lot more time on each individual season with the younger kids (PreK and K).  I didn’t feel my 3rd grader needed so much concentrated attention on seasons.  Next we will start to talk about various weather conditions.

Workbox Wednesday next week will be Clouds/Rain activities for the little kiddos. I was going to post it this week, but there are only 2 days of ‘school’ this week and I ran out of lamination!

(and Early Elementary)


Stamp Page:  Seasons and Weather (Postal History Foundation) – $5 shipping fee for up to 5 topic choices.

From EnchantedLearning.com ($20/yr subscription fee)
An Apple Tree Through the Seasons
Seasons Word Wheel
Label the Seasons
Label the Clouds
Label the Water Cycle

Sorting Season Cards – FREE from Montessori For Everyone

Cloud Viewer - FREE

Science - FREE weather unit for PreK-4th Grade #weather #preschool #kindergarten #science
Lots of great printables and experiments and it’s FREE!

Weather Station and Observation Chart
We used this one^, but there are many to choose from OR you can make your own.

You will need a thermometer, an anemometer, a wind vane, rain gauge, cloud chart (I have NOT tried these out, they were just ideas I found online).

Cloud in a Jar


Montessori Cloud Book $2.59

Picture of Weather (Level 2) - IR

For Kindle:

*I got both of these when they were FREE sometime ago, the Water Droplets is the TEXT version only…the picture one is probably better.


Magic School Bus – Wet all Over (Season 2, Episode 5) Netflix
The Water Cycle & Cloud Formation (AP)
Water Makes Life Possible/The Water Cycle (AP)
Floods, Fronts & The Water Cycle (AP)
Earth Science (Amazon $1.99 rental or purchase for $14.99)
NeoK12 Water Cycle for Kids (several short youtube clips, quiz games)


iPhone Screenshot 1

iPad Screenshot 1
Water Cycle HD

Water Wonders – Amazon Appstore

Monday, September 22, 2014

U.S. History - Colonial America (Prerevolutionary)


Life in Colonial America Curriculum
Lapbook Study from Hands of a Child ($6.00)



Additional Activities:

Stamp page – Occupations in Colonial America
Sarah Noble Unit Study by Progeny Press
DIY Colonial Hat


Freedom & Repression in Colonial America (AP)
The Growth of Prerevolutionary America (AP)
Drive Thru American History (FREE Streaming online at iTBN.org)  This site tells you what each episode covers.
Dear America:  Season 1, Episodes 1&2 (Netflix)
Story of America:  Season 1, Episode 1

Other Resources Used:  Veritas Press & Golden Prairie Press

Other Options:
Moving Beyond the Page – Literature Study (Sign of the Beaver)
History Pockets, Grades 4-6, Colonial America

Field Trips:  Jamestown, Williamsburg, McFadden Art Glass (glass blowing).

Find More:
Unit 1 – Vikings, Columbus and Pocahontas
Unit 2 – Jamestown
Unit 3 – Plymouth Pilgrims, Native Americans and The First Thanksgiving
Unit 4 – Colonial America (Prerevolutionary)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Share it Saturday- final
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