Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 23 in Review


Weekend – We got some cleaning done!  Nothing too exciting, but it needed done!  I decided to try out this new craft box subscription  (Darby Smart) for myself.  I got my first box, but haven’t made it yet.  Will post soon.  It has the fix in's to stamp some tea towels.  Trying to decide what design I want to do with it….

Monday – Holiday!  Is it bad that I forgot it was a holiday until right before?  We tried to get some school done, but with hubby home it throws off our algorithm. So, not much got done! 

Tuesday – Field Trip!  It was homeschool days at the Rose Hill Manor Park & Museum in Frederick, MD (more on that next week).  It’s a neat little place!

2015-01-20 11.50.01

Wednesday – Things were a little rough, I mean we basically had a 4 day weekend, so it was a slow start.  We did manage to get it all done though, and we got snow!  (I hate snow, except looking at it through the window!)  But, it’s still exciting!

2015-01-21 13.59.16

2015-01-21 10.19.272015-01-21 10.56.102015-01-21 11.05.352015-01-21 11.06.052015-01-21 11.11.302015-01-21 11.32.47

My #4 Stitch Fix box came, and it was hard to choose.  Lucky for me one shirt fit funny and I didn’t like the color of the scarf…otherwise I might have wanted to keep it all, and well…the pocket book can’t afford that!  I DO love my new jeans though! 

Here was the winning outfit
2015-01-21 15.20.43
I LOVED both of these items!  My mom got me a GC for Christmas, so it went towards it!

Other items in the box…

2015-01-21 15.22.002015-01-21 15.24.072015-01-21 15.24.53
I really liked the stripy shirt, but it fit weird…felt like a tent. Loved the color of the sweater, but I didn’t love the sweater, the scarf was nice, but the color was just eh…

I’ve said before that Stitch Fix prices are more than I’d usually pay, but, I love that I can try the things on and return them for FREE!  I just bought these leggings with a skirt online the other day $18…no returns, they are HORRIBLE…they don’t fit (they were one size fits most)…I think I’m average and they were like 1 ft too short and WAY TOO tight with hardly any give! A waste of $18, and well with 4 kids…not like I get to spend time in a dressing room! 

Thursday- Today was a really great day!  We got everything done by lunch and there was minimal fussing and fighting!  I love days like this! 

2015-01-22 08.54.26

They started the day going outside to play in the snow fort that hubby had build the night before, they knew it was going to warm up and wanted some snow time before it all melted.  Only C lasted more than 5mins, I had to drag him in for breakfast!  After lunch they all went back out and played for quite awhile (since it was like 40 degrees, they didn’t get cold!). 

2015-01-22 10.05.372015-01-22 10.23.482015-01-22 10.32.092015-01-22 10.36.20

Friday – This are always our easy days since we have swimming.  Computer school work, swimming lessons and we will do our architecture class in the afternoon!   Check instagram to see pics of our projects!!  I’m headed to my mom’s for a girl’s scrapbooking weekend!  Yeah!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Field Trip #156–National Building Museum, DC

Field Trip Friday!
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    We ventured into DC to visit the National Building Museum’s Homeschool Day Program.  They have several during the year!  This trip was Water Works for the older kids and Patterns for the younger ones!  They all had a great time.  The drive there was a bit stressful, but we managed.  Thank goodness for Parking Panda, we were able to reserve parking ahead of time and not have to stress about that.  The garage, however, was not meant for Suburbans!  It was a tiny garage, but we managed to squeeze in without too much incident!  I definitely think we will go again another time. The timing wasn’t too bad, and we managed to not hit too much traffic. 

    We met up with our Hawaii Friends and also had some car companions on the way there!  So it was a fun group trip!

    Again Baby Girl thinks she’s part of the class…you can spot her sitting in class with them, and doing the activities.  She cracks me up!building museum

    The displays were pretty cool too, they had a lot of fun with this hurricane/tornado simulation. 

Next scheduled days are April 8th and June 2nd, you can register online…classes DO fill up!

If you are near the DC area, it’s definitely worth checking out! 


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