Thursday, October 30, 2014

Field Trip #147 Friday Blog Hop–Sterling, VA

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    We met up with some old Hawaii friends at Claude Moore Colonial Farm the week of 3 field trips!  It was a cute little place, not a whole lot going on though.  I think it would be a better place to hit when they have activities planned.  There is a small farm house that has colonial farmers who speak in first person – it’s a tad odd.  The kids weren’t quite sure what to make of it, and I think had the most fun with the turkeys and ducks.  We went to the nearby park for lunch and did their obstacle course (well what we could find of the obstacle course).

    colonial farm

    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

    Workbox Wednesday

    Chestnut Grove Academy

    Welcome to Workbox Wednesday!  If you use workboxes, tot trays, or anything similar, feel free to post a link to your blog post or a picture (pictures can be from facebook, but please make sure they are PUBLIC so we can see them, or use a host like to get a URL for your photo) that shows WHAT IS IN YOUR BOXES!

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    I have nothing new to share this week as we are in the midst of the ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP!  Please visit my co-hosts!!

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    Review: Clued in Kids (TOS Review)

    Clued In KidsReview
    We have been having a blast doing more treasure hunts from Clued in Kids!  We got to try out Multiplication Dragons and Soccer Treasure Hunt which are downloadable treasure hunts, therefore you receive them instantly at purchase and print them off.   
    Clued In KidsReview

    The most difficult part of these treasure hunts is coming up with a prize!  They are so simple to put together, and literally only take a few minutes! 

    Multiplication Dragons is a set of hunts that use the times tables (2-6) to solve the riddles and find the clues!  This set was really great because we are working on times tables right now with my oldest!  It was such a fun way to practice the times tables. 

    For prizes I used mostly coupons the kids received from the library this summer for treats! You can use anything as a prize…presents, candy, treats, coupons (even make some yourself if you like). 

    I took a couple videos of one of the hunts we did for you to see.  I don’t usually do videos….but here you go (and please never mind the fact my house is in total disarray).  It just shows a couple clues, but you get the idea about how excited my kids are to do them, and how the clues work.  (And you might want to turn your volume down, sorry….I have  BIG mouth!).

    Part 1
    Clued In KidsReview
    The Soccer Hunt included several math clues as well:  counting coins, telling time, and more.  Many of the clues were simple enough for younger kids like dot-to-dot or the ‘dare’ card.
    Part 2

    Basically you print off the clues, each clue tells you where to hide it, if you don’t have that place in your home, you can improvise (like I did with the Plant Pot clue in the video).  It seriously takes about 5 minutes max to go around and hide each clue and it’s so much fun for the kids to run around and find them!!

    The Soccer Hunt is available for $5.99, the Multiplication Dragons is on sale for $19.99 (includes 5 hunts for 2x-6x).  These are good for one child or up to groups of 10 children.  They can be used with children ages 4+, The Multiplication Dragons is recommended for ages 7-9. 

    These hunts are great for parties, rewards, or rainy day activities (Many of the clues are indoors, and you could substitute if something is not indoors). 

    There are lots of topics to choose from.  Check out the other TOS Reviews to see some others!  I highly recommend them and plan to get the Thanksgiving one to use at our family Thanksgiving get together! 

    Visit Clued In Kids Blog to see how you can get a FREE treasure chest with a purchase. 

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