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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: CTCMath (TOS Review) #hsreviews #homeschoolmath #mathtutorials #videobasedmath #onlinemath

CTC Math review

My kids and I LOVE CTCMath’s Homeschool Membership!  This is our second review with it, and we love it even more now than we did last review

CTCMath has really changed the dynamics of our homeschool, it’s been such a blessing to us.  Particularly as the younger kids are growing up and also doing ‘school’.  I was feeling spread so thin, having 3 kids to help with math each day, but now CTCMath does it for me.  Little (if any) help is required of me, and it frees me up to help in other subjects or get other stuff done around the house!   It has give my kids more independence in their schooling.  Those benefits are priceless!

We used this program for Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade during this review.  Since we reviewed this program last year, it has been our core math ever since!  I just added my youngest to the program this review period.

Each lesson starts with a video instruction and demonstration, then there is a lesson to complete.  These lessons have audio available (for those that do not read).  You can set what you want the passing grade to be for the lesson, and they repeat it until they reach that grade.  (I have mine set for 90%).  They receive printable certificates for each section they complete.  There are also tests for each level, these can be used before the level to see what sections they need to work on or can be used after the level to see if they need to revisit any part of that section. 

(Kindergarten lesson)

For my kindergartener, we used the tests before each section and only did the parts that he didn’t know.  One of my favorite things about the program is that you have access to ALL the grades with your subscription, so kids can work through as fast (or as slow) as they need.  For instance, we skipped several sections in the kindergarten section, because my son already knew it.  He will finish kindergarten level quickly, and can move on to first grade.  I sat with my kinder to assist him in the lesson, even though there is audio available.  My older two children complete the lessons 100% on their own, occasionally asking for clarification on concepts, when needed. 

It’s important to note also that in the younger lessons there are moveable manipulatives on screen!  This is a great because it gives a bit of the hands on that kids really need in early levels of math. 

2016-08-02 (1)
(2nd grade lesson)

You can also make assignments in the program.  For my oldest I assigned him lessons so that he wasn’t skipping around and has to fully learn a lesson before moving on.  This is not required, but was a great benefit to keep my oldest on track.

Another parental feature I like is the weekly email..  I receive an email every Monday with a summary of the previous weeks work.  I wish it was a daily email (or at least an option for daily), but weekly is better than nothing!  I can see what lessons each child completed and what they scored. I have had problems with one of my children saying they did lessons, when they didn’t…and this is a great tool because I don’t always remember to log in and check their progress regularly. 

2016-08-02 (2)
(4th grade lesson)

Something new we utilized more this review is the Speed Skills and Times Tables drills.  However, these do not show up on the weekly report and there doesn’t seem to be a way to check their progress (you can only see their highest score, if you log in on their name).  So I have no way to know if my son actually completes them as he is suppose to.  I hate that this is even an issue, but I hope I’m not the only parent that has this frustration. 

2016-08-02 (4)2016-08-02 (5)

CTCMath has a very family friendly subscription plan, you can pay monthly, for 6 mos or one year.  Their plans are for one student, or families of 2-10 students.  I love that they take into account that many families have 2 or more children, and that they do not charge you per child! 

CTCMath takes care of everything for you, and report cards are printable (for portfolios) very easily. 

Also you can access the lessons on tablets, as well as computers!  You can also be logged in on multiple computers at a time (so I can have on kid on the iPad doing his lessons and another on the laptop). 

Another great thing is that these lessons are from Australia (so the teacher has a great accent!) and they are not COMMON CORE based!

We will be continuing with CTCMath this coming school year and for the very near future (and possibly longer)!  I can not say enough great things about CTCMath! 

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CTCMath Review
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