Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Organized (Part 1)

If you follow me on Facebook, your already know that the last two weeks have been spring cleaning and starting to get ready for the new school year (we start in June).  Right now I’m at a stand still b/c I ordered some stuff in the mail, and I’m waiting for it to get here.  But I wanted to share one repurpose project I did.  I purchased many years ago on clearance (after Christmas) a gift bag organizer, that can hang in a closet or over a door; just this week it occurred to me what it would be PERFECT for holding construction paper!!

This side has 4 shallow pockets with 2 deeper pockets behind them, so I have the larger paper packs in the deep pockets and the smaller paper in the shallow pockets.

Here is the other side, all shallow pockets (9), and some smaller pockets at the top, where I have put paint, glue, color pencils, paint brushes.

This is similar to what I have, if you are interested in one of your own (though this one does not have an over the door hook).

I’ll have more organization items coming up in the next few weeks!!  So stay tuned!


  1. Terrific idea! I love organizational ideas! And anything that takes up wall or door room is okay by me!!!

  2. I really like this idea! My main foe right now is paper, writing paper, drawing paper, printing have to find some way to best it, this might be it!


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